NTA Novice Tourney #3 was held Saturday, May 23rd at Cimarron Memorial High School. 58 players competed in the event, which featured divisions from 8 through 18 & Under. This was the third event in a series of three. Novice tournaments are designed to help introduce recreational players to competitive tournament play. This event was also the second time an 8 & Under Quikstart Division was held. The Quikstart format incorporates low compression balls and a modified court to enable novice players to have greater success rallying and competing.

Final results of NTA Novice Tourney #3 are listed below:

Co-Ed 8 & Under Division:  
Finals: Eliseo Wao-Udin d. Madison Moffatt, 6-4.
3rd/4th: Andy Foy d. Anna Ma, 6-2.
Cons. Finals: Sebastian Saint-Jules d. Marya Drabicki 6-1.



Boys 10?s Division:
Finals: Michael Safbom d. Sam Mason, 8-1.
Cons. Finals: Nathan Valencia d. Cole Davidson, 8-4.



Girls 10?s Division:
Finals: Rachel Wurmbrand d. Grace Collins, 8-2.



Boys 12?s Division:
Finals: Daniel Patho d. Michael Boyd, 8-1.
3rd/4th: Skylar Davidson d. Thayne Carlson, 8-1.
Cons. Finals: Jack Johnson d. Joseph Litmann, 8-7.



Girls 12?s Division:
Finals: Kyla Neese d. Kaitlin McDaniel, 8-0.


Boys 14?s Division:
Finals: Daniel Henderson d. Isaac Wellish, 8-3.
Cons. Finals: Jordan Kabins d. Adrien Valencia, 8-3.


Girls 14?s Division:
Finals: Sharon Fang d. Gina Ma, 8-3.
Cons. Finals: Blake Johnson d. Shelby Dunn, 8-1.


Boys 18?s Division:
Finals: Joseph Maalouf d. Brian Cabriales, 8-1.
Cons. Finals: Stephen Boyd d. Steve Solano, 8-2.


Girls 18?s Division:
Finals: Danica Engstrom d. Elvia Castro, 8-1.
3rd/4th: Jasmine Thomas d. Juanne Deguzman, 8-7.
Cons. Finals: Venea Omandoc d. Monica Ortiz, 8-3.

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