By Ashley Newell

Boys 18s Doubles Finalists L-R A. Kalhorn & T. Frost
The ITA Great Pumpkin is played by many people all across the Intermountain six state region. A total of 132 juniors from Las Vegas played in this tournament. The children of Las Vegas did quite well in the well-known tournament.

The winner of the boys 18s singles division was Ashton Kalhorn, the fourth seed, who is currently residing in the city of Vegas and is coached by David Pate. Ashton also trains at the No Quit Home School Academy at Lorenzi Park.

Also doing well in this division was Jeffery Vongman of Team Agassi , making it to the quarterfinals, and Patrick Kawka of the No Quit Academy, winning the consolation. Kawka also won the boys 18s doubles division with Devin Lane, playing Ashton Kalhorn and Tyler Frost in the finals. Kawka will be playing for BYU next year on a scholarship.

Also representing Las Vegas in the doubles division were Jeffery Vongman with Kristofer Yee , and Dillon McNamara with Club Sports Devon Morrissey.

Boys 16s 3rd and 4th L-R S. Bohne & B. Foley
In the girls 18s singles division of the tournament Sarah Toti and Anita Lee did well by making it to the semifinals, with Lee winning the match for third place. Also doing very well was Alexis Garrett, who reached the quarterfinals. The consolation finals consisted of two players, both from Las Vegas, Tiffany Tavares and Natasha James. Tavares ended up taking the name of consolation champion for the girls 18s. In doubles, Alexis Garrett, with her partner Ashley Tanner, reached the semifinals along with Anita Lee and her partner Brittany Warly. Reaching the quarterfinals were Danica Ingwaldson and Sarah Lucas, along with Ashley Newell and Valerie Shively.

Reaching the finals of the boys 16s singles division was Club Sports Yannik Mahlangu, the eighth seed. NETT Academy's Brian Foley also did very well, taking third place. Kyle Del Rosario and Matthew Dees also did well, making it to the quarterfinals. In doubles, Mahlangu received second place, playing with Matt Sayre. Ishmael Gibson and Max Novak also did well, making it to the semifinals. Also representing Las Vegas was the pairing of Brian Foley and Mitchell Smith.

Boys 16s Finalist & Champion L-R Y. Mahlangu & M. Sayre
For the girls 16s singles division, Anthem's Sarah Bessen and No Quit's Kimberly Yee both made it to the semifinals, with Yee taking the third place title. Also doing well was Victoire Saperstein, who made it to the quarterfinals. Others representing Vegas who did quite well in this division were Taler Brazell, Alison Matlovic, and Danae Ingwaldson.

The doubles team of Victoire Saperstein and Kimberly Yee reached the finals of the tournament. Sarah Bessen also did well with her partner Mariana Gould, making it to the semifinals. The Brazell sisters, Amanda and Taler, also from Vegas, reached the quarterfinals of the tournament in doubles.

In the boys 14s singles division, NETT's Rohan Gupte made it to the semifinals, taking out the fourth seed along the way. Also doing well in this division were John Nelson and Angel Aguilar, who made it to the quarterfinals. Also representing Las Vegas who did great were Trevor Johnson, Lucas Lee, and Tadhg Collins. In doubles, Collins, with his partner Kevin Colopy, reached the finals. The team of Angel Aguilar and Trevor Johnson made it to the quarterfinals.

Girls 14s 3rd & 4th Place L-R M. Ruder-Hook & T. Sheikhan
Winning the girls 14s singles division was Gabrielle Smith, who did not drop a set on her way to victory. Tatijana Sheikhan did quite well, making it to the semifinals. The consolation finals consisted of both Vegas players, Raquel Lopez and Katya Kulikova. Lopez ended up taking the title of consolation champion. Also doing well in the tournament, representing Las Vegas, were Nevada Apollo, Jordan Minnick, Chelsea Crovetti, Mckay Novak, and Nikki Newell. In doubles, Raquel Lopez, along with her partner Mira Ruder-Hook, took the title. Gabrielle Smith, with her partner Brianna Turley, took second place. Making it to the quarterfinals from Las Vegas were Nikki Newell and Alexis Vincent.

The boys 12s division’s finals consisted of two boys from Vegas, who were NETT'S Dylan Levitt and Fintan Collins, with Levitt taking the title. Las Vegas resident Clayton Alenik made it to the finals of the consolation. Miko Pasimio also did well, making it to the semifinals of the consolation. In doubles, Dylan Levitt, with his partner Brittain Walton, won the tournament. Fintan Collins and Miko Pasimio, who are both from Vegas, reached the finals of the tournament.

Girls 14s Champion Gabrielle Smith
In the girls 12s singles division of the tournament, Josie Legarza made it to the finals of the consolation. Also doing quite well were Valentina Dunder, Samantha Smith, Kristen Newell, Elvena Gevargiz, and Amber Del Rosario. In doubles, Josie Legarza won the tournament, along with her partner Whitney Turley. Samantha Smith, with her partner, Taylor Calton, took second place. Elvena Gevargiz and Valentina Dunder was a team that also did well representing Las Vegas.
The Great Pumpkin was a great success for the many Las Vegas juniors who played in it. The tournament should be just as great for years to come.

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