USTA-Nevada Jr. Awards banquet and Nate Schulman Tennis ball teamed up the Indian Open jr tournament party to put together an end of year bash to celebrate the graduating tennis class, this years excellence award winners and special category awards for USTA-Nevada juniors.

Sponsored annually by's Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation and held at the home of Winnie and Bob Schulman, the party is a celebration of the parents, pros, programs and players that help our youth maximize their potential. Dr Jaldeep Daulat of Las Vegas Skin and Cancer Clinics and his brother Girish Daulat of Community Family Doctors once again were supporting sponsors as was Tennis Warehouse. The children and coaches enjoy a sit down dinner in a formal environment, entertainment and great guest speakers such as past speakers Commissioners Lawrence Weekly, Larry Brown, Glen Trowbridge and Film Director Alejandro Monteverde.

"The parents, coaches and players work so hard their whole junior career and this party is a celebration of their dedication," said Saad Ashraaf USTA-Nevada Chair of the jr. competition Committee. "With over 250 people looking on, everyone dressed in coats and ties, it is an honor to get recognized in front of your peers like that."

Being honored this year will be the USTA-Nevada senior class now going off to college, many of which received college scholarships to play tennis. USTA-Nevada Graduates include Dillon Berkabile who will attend The Citadel in South Carolina on scholarship, Danica Ingwaldson, the University of Southern Utah on scholarship, Ashton Kalhorn, Patrick Kawka who got a scholarship to play for Brad Pierce at BYU, Anita Lee will play at University of Illinois on scholarship, Sarah Lucas for University of Seattle on scholarship, John C. Pauli for Hawaii Pacific University on scholarship, Devon Morrissey is going to CSN, Kristen Santaro will attend USC and Nicole Santero UNLV.

"Thanks to the parents, facilities and a pathway of very good recreational, developmental and high performance coaches in Nevada we have been able to see hundreds of children come through USTA programs to get college scholarships," said USTA-Nevada Executive Director Ryan Wolfington. "Gordon Hammond was chosen for Recreational coach of the year, Ken Shioi was chosen as developmental coach of the year and Richi Mahlangu as High performance coach of the year, and these three coaches represent the quality of our pathway."

USTA-Nevada special category Awards


All awards winners were selected from the nominations made by pros, members and the staff.

The final Award winners were chosen by the 2010 USTA-Nevada Award Committee.


USTA-Nevada High Performance Coach of the Year:
Richie Mahlangu


USTA-Nevada Developmental Coach of the Year:
Ken Shioi


USTA-Nevada Recreational Coach of the Year:
Gordon Hammond

USTA-Nevada Legends Award:
Patrick Kawka


USTA-Nevada Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award:
Sarah Bessen and John Qualls


USTA-Nevada Player of the Year:
Boys: Yannik Mahlangu
Girls: Kimmy Yee


USTA-Nevada Family of the Year:
Greg, Margie, Mitchell, Gabrielle and Samantha Smith
USTA-Nevada Volunteer Parent of the Year:
Katushka Lucas


USTA-Nevada Volunteer junior of the year:

Ashley Seda
USTA-Nevada Josh Muterspaw Award:
Isabella Shelton
USTA-Nevada Sportsmanship Award:
Boys: Fernando Sunago
Girls: Sarah Bessen
USTA-Nevada Most Improved:
Boys: Travis Beck
Girls: Sarah Lucas 
USTA-Nevada Rookie of the year:
Boys: Michael Safbom
Girls: Sedona Gallagher
USTA-Nevada Most Promising:
Boys: Nicholas Mahlangu
Girls: Josie Legarza


USTA-Nevada Academic-Athletic Excellence Award:
Travis Beck, Rohan Gupte, Danae Ingwaldson, Danica Ingwaldson, Raquel Lopez, Sarah Lucas, Erika Mauban, Jordan Minnick, Nicholas Mahlangu, Victoire Saperstein, Hadrien Saperstein, Willie Sublette, Fernando Sunago, Hannah Tatlock, Ashley Wao-Udin, Jon Berberich, John Qualls, Kelsey McMillan, Marcus Pasimio, Madeline Pasimio, Micahel Pasimio, Miko Pasimio, Gabby Smith, Mitchell Smith, Anjali Daulat, Anuja Daulat, Christina Sanders, Kristen Santero, Nicole Santero.

Marty Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation

Special honors:

"Rudy" Award

Dillon Berkabile


Mike Agassi "No Quit" Award:

Willie Sublette & Sarah Lucas


Nate Schulman "Never Give Up" Award:
Hadrien Saperstein, TakeyrahReid, Gabrielle Smith, Alexis Garrett 


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USTA-Nevada 2009 Excellence Awards winners

Based on 2009 year end top 5 rankings


Boys 10s:

1. Benjamin Gajardo

2. Marcus Pasimio

3. Michael Safbom

4. Miller Silbey

5. Alexander Reyna


Girls 10s:

1. Veronica Joels

2. Sedona Gallagher

3. Zoe Lier

4. Rachel Wurmbrand

5. Isabella Shelton


Boys 12s:

1. Dylan Levitt

2. Fintan Collins

3. Conor Safbom

4. Tadhg Collins

5. Benjamin Gajardo


Girls 12s:

1. Veronica Joels

2. Kristen Newell

3. Josie Legarza

4. Zoe Lier

5. Elvena Gevargiz


Boys 14s:

1. Evan Roth

2. Pascal Nilsson

3. Rohan Gupte

4. Trevor Johnson

5. Max Novak


Girls 14s:

1. Raquel Lopez

2. Nikki Newell

3. Nevada Apollo

4. Paris Reese

5. Josie Legarza


Boys 16s:

1. Travis Beck

2. Mitchell Smith

3. Fernando Sunago

4. Max Novak

5. Cody Miller


Girls 16s:

1. Danae Ingwaldson

2. Victoire Saperstein

3. Paris Reese

4. Ashley Newell

5. Raquel Lopez


Boys 18s:

1. Willie Sublette

2. John Pauli

3. Dillon Berkabile

4. Dillon McNamara

5. Patrick Kawka


Girls 18s:

1. Natasha James

2. Sarah Toti

3. Danae Ingwaldson

4. Victoire Saperstein

5. Danica Ingwaldson

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