By Olivia Demarta

This year, Faith Lutheran played their second year of 4A tennis. The girls team finished the season out 7-3 and the boys team finished 6-4. Overall they did a great job for it only being their second year ever playing the 4A sport.

The girls went undefeated against Virgin Valley, winning 18-0. They also beat Centennial in a close match of 10-8, with Nikki Pizzoferrato and Olivia Demarta going 3-0 for that day. The girls team also defeated Cimarron 12-6, with Alex Edelman, Renee Vogel, Olivia Demarta, Nikki Pizzoferrato, and Aubrey Astle going 3-0 for that day as well. The Faith Lutheran girls team did very well this year and have a lot to be proud of. Although they just missed the cut to go to regionals, they fought hard and will be back next year to show everyone what they are capable of doing.

The boys team went 15-3 against Shadow Ridge with Jake Benowitz going 3-0. They also beat Cheyenne 14-4, Mojave 10-2, and Virgin Valley 14-4. The boys fought hard against Arbor View and won 10-8. Tom Trowbridge, Sam Taylor, Kyle Harper, and Jake Benowitz all went 2-1 for this match. All of the boys on the team fought hard and played their best. The boys didn’t make it to regionals as well, however they will come back next year and fight to do better.

Faith Lutheran built four brand new tennis courts on campus for the team to practice this year. This is the first time ever for Faith Lutheran to have tennis courts. The Faith tennis team had to travel to the Darling Tennis Center everyday last year just to practice. Now the tennis players do not have to travel for tennis practice. This was a great addition to the new tennis program. However, the team’s matches are still played at the Darling Tennis Center because Faith Lutheran does not have the required 8 courts for a match. They are working on building more courts in the future.
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