Our unique beliefs, backgrounds and experiences shape the way we view the world, the way we view one another, and the way we approach our work each day. The impact of these differences on how we interact is universal.

At USTA-Nevada Tennis Association, we are committed to embrace these differences and realize the value they bring to our organization. We acknowledge that diversity is an important business discipline that improves our organizations ability to compete in the marketplace, and strengthens our strategic priority of recruiting and retaining emerging leaders, volunteers and players to the tennis community.

Our vision for every employee is to grow through awareness, while working to incorporate diversity throughout the fabric of the organization. In realizing this vision, diversity becomes business as usual.

Our growing commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplified in our efforts to hold diversity training for our staff and cultural connections as an integral part of the employee experience. This is our framework for developing an inclusive environment, and establishing a workplace of choice.

At USTA-Nevada, our goal is to reflect the community of people we serve. We believe this dedication will support our efforts of greater inclusion, as we seek to attract, recruit, develop and retain a skilled work and volunteer force to accomplish our mission "To Promote and Develop the Growth of Tennis."
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