New Tournament Categories & District Ranking Requirements for 2011!


  1. "Grand Slam" Tournaments.                  2. "Challenger" Tournaments.
  1. "Futures" Tournaments.                        4. Quikstart Tournaments.


Due to the large growth in the Las Vegas tennis community over the past ten years, the USTA Tournament Calendar has become quite crowded. In order to address this situation and add excitement to the tournament calendar, the Tournament Committee for Southern Nevada has developed new tournament sanction levels and sanctioning criteria. 

A "Grand Slam" tournament classification will be implemented in 2010 for the Southern Nevada Tournament Calendar. These events will become the new Level 1 tournaments in our district with more points for a state ranking, and should provide for larger events with better amenities for players.


Only four (4) junior and four (4) adult  tournaments will be awarded Level 1 or "Grand Slam" status in 2010. Players will be required to compete in at least two of these tournaments to qualify for a USTA-Nevada state/district year-end ranking.


"Challenger" or a Level 2 District Tournament status award less district points for match wins than "Grand Slam" events and generally feature smaller draws (in comparison to "Grand Slam" events) and/or a modified scoring format.

"Futures" or Level 3 tournaments, are a new 2010 junior tournament sanction category that will replace tournaments designated as novice in 2009. "Futures" results will count toward a player's ranking, but they award the least amount of district points. Players with an Intermountain standing in the top 50 are not eligible to compete in "Futures." Players that have won two "Futures" or have a standing in the top 10 in southern Nevada, must play up a division. Players that win two "Futures" in the higher age group are no longer eligible to compete in "Futures." Players that have won a sanctioned junior event in 2009 or who win a "Challengers" or a "Grand Slam"  event in 2010, are also no longer eligible to compete in "Futures."


Quikstart Tournaments are a new tournament category to be introduced in 2010. These events will be sanctioned but standings and rankings based on Quikstart Tournament results will not be published

District tournament point tables for Level 1, 2, and 3 events are shown below.

Point Tables for District Events**:


Level 1

Champion                     = 220 points

Finalist                          = 180 points

3rd Place                       = 160 points

4th Place/SF                  = 140 points

Quarterfinalist               =100 points

Round of 16                 = 80 points

Round of 32                 = 60 points

Round of 64                 = 40 points


Level 2

Champion:                    =165 points

Finalist                        =135 points

3rd Place                       =120 points

4th Place/SF                 =105 points

Quarterfinalist              =75 points

Round of 16                 =60 points

Round of 32                 =45 points

Round of 64                 =30 points


Level 3

Champion:                    =88 points

Finalist:                       =72 points

3rd Place:                      =64 points

4th/SF                           =56 points

Quarterfinalist              =40 points

Round of 16                 =32 points

Round of 32                 =24 points

Round of 64                 =16 points


**Points awarded at the SECTIONAL level for Level 1 and 2 District Events correspond to the Level 3 District Points Table. The only exception to this are points awarded for sectional Level 5 District Tourneys (such as the Young Guns in 2009), which correspond to the Level 2 District Points Table. Level 3 or Futures tournament results are not counted toward sectional rankings.

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