State-of-the-art $15 million indoor facility accommodates Las Vegas, Southern California and Arizona tennis community
    Indoor tennis in Las Vegas just gained significant ground in Las Vegas thanks to the opening of the International Tennis Centre, a new $15 million state-of-the-art tennis facility located minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip. Prior to the opening of the International Tennis Centre, there were few options for playing tennis in a professional indoor environment in the Las Vegas area.
The International Tennis Centre provides the ultimate tennis experience in a climate controlled indoor environment. The facility is regularly used for training by several of the world's most renowned professional tennis players and coaches, and is now readily available to tennis players of all levels.
    "For years, Las Vegas was a popular spot for tennis enthusiasts," said Jim Ahearn, CEO of the International Tennis Centre. "Over time, people started turning to other recreational sports because of the city's desert climate and lack of indoor facilities. The opening of the International Tennis Centre is bringing tennis back to Vegas for visitors, residents and pros."
    Services offered by the International Tennis Centre include hourly court bookings, private and semi-private lessons, clinics, Junior Academy and corporate events. The International Tennis Centre also has several of the finest tennis-teaching professionals on staff, with diverse areas of specialization and fluency in a combined total of eight languages.
    The 96,000 square-foot facility features eight indoor championship Deco Turf II courts, which are the same type of courts used for the U.S. Open, that provide a sea-level bounce and a large buffer area around each court. The International Tennis Centre also has broadcast-quality lighting, a climate-controlled environment, a pro-shop, rental racquets, an espresso bar and gourmet food service, luxury lockers/showers and flat-screen televisions.
    For exceptional junior players, the International Tennis Centre brings internationally ranked tennis pro Henner Nehles to oversee the invitation-only Elite Juniors Training program. Participants spend a minimum of 15 hours per week training one-on-one with Nehles, and are able to receive video stroke analysis and tournament-specific coaching. Among the participants in this program is nationally ranked junior Evan Song. A summer camp program is also available for all junior players.
    The International Tennis Centre is one of the few facilities in the Western U.S. to offer Cardio Tennis, designed to be a fun group workout that exercises the total body to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. The class, which resembles a fast-paced tennis class done to music, focuses on activity and not where the ball goes, making it a comfortable environment for all levels of players. Participants get to hit many more balls than in a regular tennis class with exercises done in between to maintain a constant and steady pace. Participants also learn about the game of tennis and how to become a better player. In a recent survey, 70 percent of people who tried Cardio Tennis said they got a better workout than when doing their regular fitness routine, and 80 percent said Cardio Tennis was more enjoyable.
    Each Cardio Tennis class consists of two parts. The first is a series of drills that get the heart rate to an appropriate zone and keep the participant constantly moving; the second a game of rotation tennis with the other participants. Benefits of a regular cardio exercise regiment include more energy, clear thinking, focus, weight loss and shaped abdomen, buttocks and legs.
    The classes, which run one hour, are given for all ages and levels, with advanced group and private classes available.
"We've created the ultimate environment for tennis," said Chris Ojakian, director of Tennis for the International Tennis Centre. "Our multimillion-dollar climate-control system makes every day a perfect 'tennis day' with probably the best lighting of any indoor facility in the country. This, combined with the quality of the courts, nets and sea-level bounce, make the facility a Mecca for tennis players."
    Ojakian is a celebrity tennis pro and has been a member of the United States professional Tennis Association since 1990. He is the youngest person to receive a USPTA 1 rating in New England and was ranked 14 nationally in doubles. Ojakian is also a National Speaker for Cardio Tennis, traveling around the world introducing this heart-pumping fitness class to several facilities and other tennis pros. As director of tennis for the International Tennis Center , Ojakian is responsible for all of the facility's programs and overall tennis offering. Ojakian has trained celebrities such as Billy Crystal, Diane Sawyer, Dustin Hoffman, Harrison Ford, Spike Lee, Helen Hunt and many others. His Cardio Tennis technique has been featured on television shows including "Chelsea Lately" on E! and Fox News, among many others.
    The International Tennis Centre plays host to some of the most prominent professional tennis players and coaches who use the facility on a regular basis for both professional training and personal play, including Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Gil Reyes, Fernando Verdasco, Tommy Haas, Marcos Baghdatis and Caroline Wozniacki. Other guests include some of the world's wealthiest businessmen as well as many celebrities.
    The facility offers affordable pricing for singles and doubles. Also offered are memberships at varying levels to accommodate the needs of local residents, occasional visitors and companies. The International Tennis Centre has a fleet of Escalades that provides shuttle service between the facility and all the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, making it readily accessible to all Las Vegas visitors.
    The facility is located at 5975 Topaz Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120. More information about the International Tennis Centre is available at or by calling 877-ITC-5975.
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