By Ryan Wolfington
USTA-Nevada Executive Director

The difference between winning and losing is often a slight shift in momentum, and often times a point here and there. So tennis is a game of inches. The goal then becomes what can you do to get the slightest advantage. Here is a list of what may seem like small things that when added up gives you a large advantage:

Drink large amounts of water the day before and day of the match
Eat the right foods that are light but still provide fuel
Stretch thoroughly after a match to expedite healing
Ice your shoulder after your match
Like the pros take a cold bath to expedite healing the night after your match
Get to bed early the night before
Get a great warm up before each match
Do not let yourself get upset or into a negative attitude

By doing all of these you give yourself the best possible chance at victory. This way at the end of the day by giving your match 100%, win or lose you will have no regrets.

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