Junior Team Tennis District Play-offs were held Saturday, June 4 at the Darling Tennis Center. 19 teams competed in the event, representing clubs, schools and facilities from all over the valley. The play-offs were the culmination of the 2011 Spring League Season, which began the third week of March. Teams that finished in the top two positions at the end of the regular season qualified to advance to the play-offs.

League Season champions and finalists are listed below. Congratulations to all of the coaches for a successful season and to all of the players who participated!

8 & Under Division:
Champion: Cinammon Ridge #2: Jocelyn Loomis-Christison, Harlee Timmons, Stan Drabicki, James Wang.
Finalist: Cinammon Ridge #1: Emily Deubler, Hanna Deubler, Brooke Asmus, Rachel Wang.

10 & Under Intermediate Champions Club Sport Green Valley
10 & Under Intermediate Division:
Champion: Club Sport Green Valley: Olivia Maalouf, Ameya Singh, Surya Suvvari, Rohan Venkatesh.
Finalist: Anthem #2: Ara Goll, Finn Kitchin, Jack Kitchin, Ryan Kitchin.

10s Intermediate 3rd & 4th Place Teams Lorenzi Racquet Club & Summerlin Tennis Club
12 & Under Beginner Champions & Finalists Canyon Gate #1 and Tournament Players Club
12 & Under Beginner Division:
Champion: Canyon Gate #1: Cooper Flourens, Haley Lettero, Alessandro Montti, Michelle Reiss.
Finalist: Tournament Players Club: Chloe Diskin, Ayson Shioi, Lauren Tsuchiyama, Madeline Work, Marcus Work.

Fighting Desert Tortoises 12 & Under Intermediate 3rd & 4th Place Teams
12 & Under Intermediate Division:
Champion: Desert Palm Tennis Club: Audrey Boch-Collins, Cyrus Nelson, Jasper Nelson, Natalie Scott.
Finalist: Summerlin Tennis Club #2: Cynthia Morga, Caroline Ramous, Raul Saucedo, Lucas Schanbacher, Kentaro Slack.

14 & Under Intermediate Boys Division:
Champions: Alexander Dawson School: Nicolas Abdo, Aaron Bailey, Jonathan Ben-Rey, Blake Burney, Griffin Haddrill, Grant Rogers.
Finalists: Summerlin Tennis Club: Lucas Hammond, Jack Kostrinsky, Dante Marcozzi, Paul Roberts, Lucas Schanbacher, Ryan Wiseman.

Middle School Division:
Champions: Faith Lutheran #1: Vanessa Lee, Adam Lychuk, Christian Ong, Kathleen Wright.
Finalists: Faith Lutheran #2: Evan Freudenberger, Loren McHargue, Maya Rawls, Joseph Ritorto, Emma Thompson.

18 & Under Intermediate Champions Summerlin Tennis Club
18 & Under Intermediate Division:
Champions: Summerlin Tennis Club: Christian Arroyo, Michaela Jackson, Richard Jackson, Joseph Maalouf, Tia Okano, Jade Powell.
Finalists: Tournament Players Club #1: Eric Clark, Kota Cook, Cullan Staack, Andy Stephenson.

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