Congratulations to our 4 Nevada men's & women's teams and all Intermountain teams who have won their respective divisions of the 2018 Adult 18 & Over League Sectional Championships held in Salt Lake City, Aug. 17-19, 2018. All teams now qualify to advance to their respective National Championships in Arlington (TX), Orlando (FL) or Las Vegas (NV) in October. For more detailed National Championship dates and locations, visit USTA League National Championship Schedule.

2.5 WOMEN, NEVADA (CANYON GATE #1): Team Captain: Shawanna Johnson; Rose Tucker, Kelly Maier, Huong Nardelli, Jeanne Bavaro, Suosuo Li, Tanya Toby, Felicia McGhee, Cindy Chan, Adrian Young.

3.5 WOMEN, NEVADA (RED ROCK CC): Team Captain: Shannon Drawe; Paige Song, Janet Spelman, Kailee Christie, Evelyn Abbott, Jessica Ng, Nancy Hsu, Judi Marchand, Katherine Villarreal, Stacey Dillree, Lucy Twohy, Lauren Monroe, Alex Farley Messer, Claire Fust, April Christensen, Julie Tacker, Nanci Simkin, Rachel Shiffrin,

3.0 MEN, NEVADA (DTC): Team Captains: John Terry and Michael Gilmore; Timothy Andrews, Rod Faircloth, Jim Jobin, Gary Thompson, Paul Hurley, Jordan Bedard, Jose Ruiz Verduzco, Brian Kay, Edward Dibble, Zol Harvey, Sean Doak.

4.5 MEN, NEVADA (RED ROCK CC #1): Team Captain: Joseph Felix; Conor Spiegel, Craig Jacobs, Steve Mihas, Fernando Dipalma, Trent Lee, Nakul Jariwala, Mark Norman, Seward Matwick, Neil Kaura, Cruz Colmenares, Clay Archey, Ehsan Kaveh, Chris Hubbard, Christopher Wilson, Randy Char.

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